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The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles
Southern California's Doctor Who Fan Club
Celebrating 28 Years and Beyond

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LAST UPDATE: August 5, 2014

California Not-For-Profit #C1617387

Federal Tax ID #95-4140417

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4092, North Hollywood, CA 91617-0092

Please do NOT send mail to the LASFS Address below


We usually gather at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's Clubhouse, but check our Upcoming Meeting Schedule for more info.

LASFS Location


July 20, 2014: July meeting at LASFS, 11am - 2pm
6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401 Click here for the Wrap Up.
August 17, 2014: August meeting at LASFS, 11am - 5pm
6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401 One Week until to go! Videos to run us into the new Season.
September 21, 2014: September meeting at LASFS, 11am - 5pm
6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401 Season 8 in full swing.
October 19, 2014: September meeting at LASFS, 11am - 5pm
6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401 Season 8 continues.


Time Meddlers have a fan page on Facebook Go to Facebook and in the Search, type Time Meddlers of Los Angeles to connect.

The Gallifrey One Convention 2013 Photos IE Editor Rick Ridgway has provided a link to photos from this year's convention Click here for the photos.

Comic-Con Convention 2011 Photos For those who did not make it to San Diego, IE Editor Rick Ridgway has provided a link to what he took at this year's convention. Click here for the photos.

It's our 27th Anniversary We want contributions of any Anniversary related stories (what it was like when you first joined, any memories of the clubs early days, etc.), please contribute to the IE Newsletter.

The Meddler Library Catalog is now available online and for download in .pdf format here. If your computer can't read .pdf files, you can download a free Adobe Reader here. Additionally, if you would like it emailed to you either in .pdf format or as a Word document, please e-mail the club.

Ken's Korner USA, an online store with plenty of Doctor Who goodies, offers 10% discounts to all Time Meddler members. Click here for the ad.

Check out our Gallery page from the 2010 Gallifrey One Convention, click here to take a look.

Check out our Gallery page, click here to take a look.

WHO we are

The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles is one of America's largest and most visible Doctor Who fan organizations who gather every month to socialize and celebrate all that is Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a British Science Fiction show, which ran from 1963 til 1989, holding the record for the longest Sci-Fi show ever, and in 2005 was revived and restarted in the UK. This page is mainly geared toward news and info about the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, for more information on Doctor Who itself, including the new series please visit The Doctor Who News Page, and for information on the largest North American Doctor Who Convention in North America, which is held here in Los Angeles, go to Outpost Gallifrey. Also, visit and as well. While we are based out of Los Angeles, our membership group spans the country, and even overseas in the past. We meet every third Sunday of the month, except in February when we're all at the Gallifrey One Convention. The majority of our meetings take place at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society's Clubhouse at 6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401. Any meetings taking place offsite, are announced ahead of time, in our meeting schedule above. We also publish a monthly newsletter, the Interglactic Enquirer, featuring news and reviews of not only Doctor Who but other Science Fiction and Fantasy media.

What you can expect

We usually attract around a couple dozen people on average for our meetings, which consist of very informal and social time, plus light video entertainment, between 11am and 12:30pm. At 12:30, or somewhere around there, is our business meeting, a lively mix of announcements, poking fun at the Council and humiliating this month's birthdays with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" sung at least three notes off key, unless a motion is put forth not to sing it, which seems to be happening a lot lately, go figure. After that, we have our main video program, which usually consists of Doctor Who.

The Keeper of the Flame has returned!!

After a short hiatus our barbeque is back in action cooking up Burgers and Dogs. Plus, we have a microwave and refridgerator on hand, so you are always welcome to bring your own food. We just ask that you clean up after yourself. We also have some special events each year, including the December Auction, and the September Baker off. That's where we have a Soup and Baked goods cook off while watching Tom Baker and Colin Baker DW episodes, and choosing a winner. Last year's winner was Kathy Baker with Joe Don Baker coming in a close second, we're still trying to figure out how that happened.


Single yearly membership is $20, this is good for a one year subscription to our Intergalactic Newsletter, free access to our extensive Doctor Who Library, and a vote in all Club matters, including Council elections. Family Memberships are also available for $25. A family membership covers one member, his/her spouse, and up to two children. A second subscription to the Intergalactic Enquirer is also included with a family membership. We accept checks or Money Orders payable to, Time Meddlers. Memberships can be purchased in person or sent to the above P.O. Box. However, you don't have to be a member to attend, guests are more than welcome to come by and check us out for up to three times, before we ask you to purchase a membership.

Intergalactic Enquirer

The Intergalactic Enquirer is our Club Newsletter, a mini magazine, published monthly, and edited by our own Rick Ridgway. In addition to providing information about the club and upcoming meetings, the newsletter also features a variety of news on all Doctor Who media. The Enquirer also provides info on other Science Fiction and Fantasy media, as well as British media. We also feature reviews on movies, TV, books, etc. Plus each month we have a caption contest, e-survey question and our brand new Dear Dalek (see below) for our readers. Any member can submit articles on whatever they like, provided it is related to Doctor Who or other Science Fiction and Fantasy media.

August 2014 Caption Contest and E-Survey Question

August 2014 Caption
Image from the first story. What are they both looking at? And why is the Doctor dressed that way?
Leaks abound with Season 8, from scripts to a rough cut of the first story. Are you the type to go out and find these scripts to read early, or will you wait until it properly airs? Do you like having it spoiled or prefer to wait until the air date? Tell us.

Do you need advice? Is there something troubling you, that no one can help with? Then ask a Dalek. Deadlier than Dear Abby, and more evil than Ann Landers, our resident Dalek is here to answer your questions, and give advice on any issue you may have.

Send your questions, as well as your caption and e-survey responses, plus any submissions, to our editor at: by August 10, for the next Newsletter.

The Library

The Time Meddler Library is a huge collection of Doctor Who DVDs, VHS (What's VHS?), Audios, and Books (most of if not the entire run of the Virgin and BBC Books series), we even have stuff from the NEW SERIES. We also have plenty of Doctor Who Spinoffs and related material. The Library is free to all members, unless you live outside the city then you have to pay for postal shipping, and you get to hang on to your items until the next meeting, in other words, one month. There is a limit of eight items for takeout. Catalogs are available at each meeting, and can be downloaded in .pdf format here. If you would like it emailed to you in .pdf format or as a Word document, please e-mail the club.

The Council

The Time Meddlers Council consists of five members elected each year to oversee the activities and themes of each month's gatherings. Any member in good standing can run for Council. Nominations are taken in March, followed by a Q & A in April plus any additional nominations if needed, and then elections are held in May, with each new term starting in June.

Time Meddler Council for 2015-2016:

Aaron Cistrelli
Eric Hoffman
Mario Ledesma
Lynn Smith
Brian Smith

Appointed Club Officers:

Club History

The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles was founded in June 1986 when a small group of individuals met at KCET Television in Los Angeles, the channel that aired Doctor Who until January 1994 in the L.A. metropolitan area. The club charter was written that fall and the club began its rise to head L.A. Doctor Who fandom. However, it was not until October 1987 when the Doctor Who Traveling Exhibition from BBC Enterprises visited town (with Janet Fielding and then-brand-new-Doctor Sylvester McCoy) that the membership of the club took off.

In January 1989, the Council of the club at the time began work on what would become the Gallifrey conventions. Though it was voted in March 1989 to make Gallifrey a separate entity from the club itself (after the Council appointed a Gallifrey "board of directors"), both the Meddlers and Gallifrey have enjoyed a long-standing relationship, caused no doubt by the fact that traditionally, all five members of the Council have, since the convention's founding, served on the committee and/or staff of the convention. At its heyday in 1989, when the old series of Doctor Who last aired on BBC Television, the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles boasted over 300 members, and with the new series running strong we hope to surpass it.

Thanks for reading, and please come back and visit, or come see us in person.

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