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Welcome to the home of the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, Southern California’s Doctor Who fan club since 1989. Here you will find links to the Who universe, an Episode Guide, along with news and information.

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Hello Time Meddlers

I hope you are well. I noticed the Time Meddlers webpage and thought I would get in touch.

We are making a programme for BBC America about Collectors. We have made a similar programme in the UK called Collectaholics for BBC Two, which has been very popular here and now we are looking for American Collectors to repeat the success in the U.S.

We are looking for Collectors to film with, who have a large number of Dr Who collectable items. We would like to hear their story and see their collection. We have two well respected Presenters from the Antiques and collectable world who can help collectors value their collection or give advice on how to care for it.

Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone in the group, would be interested in being on the show and telling us more about your collection.

Kate Lawrence| Researcher - American Collectibles
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Posted August 22nd, 6:58 am  ·  

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Will there be a group going to the movie premiere? I should buy my ticket now, but don't know where to go? ... See MoreSee Less

Posted August 17th, 11:24 pm  ·  

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We’ve been dealing with our own big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, but details on the midnight screening have finally emerged from the time vortex… Thank you for your patience… Tickets are now available! bit.ly/DoctorWho_Midnight If tickets are not available online, please check back or visit your local box office.

Posted August 16th, 1:25 pm  ·  

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